Thank you Mr Hall!

Class 1 enjoyed being taught by Mr Hall yesterday. They found out about lots of different countries, went on a parade with flags they had made and learnt some dance routines. Mr Hall did a fantastic job of teaching and we had a really enjoyable day!image


Open Afternoon

A big thank you to those parents that came to join us for our open afternoon yesterday. Pupils were very proud to share their learning journey and discuss the progress they have made over the year. It was lovely to hear comments from parents about the improvements that they could see in areas such as handwriting and presentation which is something we have worked really hard on this year in class 1.

Years 2 seaside planners

This week Year 2 have worked in groups to design and make a seaside town. They had £23,000 to spend using a price list to purchase and decide on the best attractions for their seaside.

They then had to use a size guide to measure and cut out their attractions and decide where they were going to be placed on a map.

Pupils have been using a range of pictorial and abstract methods to calculate their totals as well as practising their measuring skills.

It has been great to see pupils using knowledge that they have gained over the year, and working well as a team, in order to complete the task.

Well done year 2.

Mrs Whitfield.

Town Planners

Class 1 are completing a seaside project this week. They have a budget to spend to buy attractions for their seaside town. They have had to decide what buildings and attractions are important to include and keep an eye on the running total to check that they remained in
Budget. They have then had to use their measuring skills to measure out each building using the dimensions that they have been given. From this they will then plan out where each building will go on their town map.

To extend the learning project further, we have also been looking at information leaflets in English. We have identified the features of a leaflet and the style of text used. We have then begun to plan our own leaflet about our seaside town which will explain to tourists what attractions they can find there. Our leaflets will open up to reveal our finished maps!

Will you be impressed enough to want to visit our towns?

Transition Day!

Class 1 have enjoyed taking steps up the school as part of their transition day. It has been lovely to see all of the pupils working together in team building games and activities as we merge into our new class.

Pupils have been busy this afternoon preparing artwork to go on display in September and we have also begun to discuss the topics for next year too! We were very excited by this!

Thank you for a lovely day Class 1! I can’t wait for September! I hope the Year 2’s also had a fantastic day as Year 3’s – I can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow!

Class 1’s Mocktail Bar

To practise and use our measuring and capacity skills today, Year 1 and 2 turned the classroom into a cocktail bar! We chose which mocktail we wanted to make and then followed the instructions carefully, making sure that we measured out the correct ingredients to create the perfect cocktail. We decorated our drinks with straws, umbrellas and fruit and then enjoyed them!

We followed up our work by creating bar graphs to show the favourite cocktail choice in Class 1. We analysed and discussed the data that we collected too.

It has been a very busy and fun-filled morning!

Foody Fractions!

As part of our maths investigations about fractions, today we have been making pizzas! We halved the muffins for the bases, halved and quartered all of the pizza toppings and designed our pizza flavours with different halves and quarters.

“I enjoyed the pizza it was yummy.” Daisy.

“I made it in two halves. I really liked the ham half but I wasn’t keen on the cheese half.” Lola W.

“I liked cutting the ham into quarters and halves. The salami was harder to cut into halves.” Richie.

What did you put on your pizza?

Royal maths!

Class 1 have been celebrating the Queens birthday with a maths challenge this morning. Their task was the order events from the Queens life onto a time line and then answers maths questions linked to dates and ages that appeared on the time line. We will mark the answers and see who is the royal champ tomorrow!

A magical time at Cast!

Class 1 have had a magical time watching the Gruffalos Child at Cast in Doncaster today. Their behaviour was wonderful and I was so proud of them! Well done Class 1, you were super ambassadors of North Wheatley!

What was your favourite part of the play? Which was your favourite character? Mine was snake!

Oh help, oh no, it’s a Gruffalo!!!

In preparation for our visit to the theatre this week to see The Gruffalo’s Child, class 1 have built their very own Gruffalo model. They have worked as a team, thinking carefully about all of the descriptive language in the story that outlines what a Gruffalo looks like. We have written instructions outlining how to build a Gruffalo model and have written recipes for Gruffalo crumble, roasted fox, owl ice cream and scrambled snake!